Open console and click on the NPC - the NPC's ID will be displayed mid screen. Type equipitem (item id) 1. Make sure you have that 1 at the end or they will remove the item later. This definitely works - I've changed a lot of the (non follower) NPCs armor/clothing this way and it has not reverted back to default. How do you reset an NPC to. Via: u/Theo_From_Steam (Reddit) When the player is close to an NPC , they will begin to make eye contact with the player and maintain it as long as possible.. The Unofficial Skyrim Patch is a regularly updated mod that aims to fix hundreds of gameplay, quest, NPC, object, item, text, and placement bugs However, I will list all mods in the order I installed Unofficial Skyrim Patch Like every one of Bethesda's games Skyrim is a bit on the buggy side Unofficial Skyrim Patch Like every one of Bethesda's.

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