As for the descriptions, Aminus does what it says, every 15s seconds you will deal 480% damage. For Debate club , its effect lasts for 15 seconds, in which you can deal a maximum 5x120%=600% damage given that you hit at the right time interval (1 time every 3 secs, 5 times in total). Continuous swapping also doesnt really work well with <b>Debate</b>. best free photo app for iphone. #scaramouchedebateclub | 553.7K people have watched this. Watch short videos about #scaramouchedebateclub on TikTok. ... Scaramouche x Debate Club <3 eisbeloved. Chapter 2: Scaramouche shoves another debate club up his arse <3 Summary: Part 2 of scaramouche being horny for a claymore <33. Notes: Part 2 😍😍.

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