Python has a built in module that allows you to work with JSON data. At the top of your file, you will need to import the json module. import json. If you need to parse a JSON string that returns a dictionary, then you can use the json.loads () method. import json # assigns a JSON string to a variable called jess jess = ' {"name": "Jessica. Sep 18, 2020 ยท Creating a Python Dictionary. Since the response is in JSON format, we can load this string into python and convert it into a python dictionary. We first need to import the json library, and then we can use the loads method from the json library and pass it our string: response_info = json.loads(response). Path Two: Make HTTP request with Postman & requests library. Use Postman to generate the JSON payload. Plug headers and payload into requests. Use requests library for HTTP. Postman has a friendly interface for plugging in all your pieces and tinkering with your request body until it works. Reading JSON data in Python means converting JSON objects to Python objects. The conversion of JSON objects to Python objects is called deserialization . For instance, a JSON array is equivalent.

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