Problem with keyboard not working after resume from suspend is in driver i8042. Until it will be fixed I advise to use this workaroud. Other solution is to complile i8042 as module (and maybe psmouse) and unload it before suspend, that load it after resume. I have put two above lines into my Power Manager configuration (/etc/pm/hooks/). . In January 2020 I bought a Sharkoon PureWriter Keyboard and since then I had the problem that the keyboard got not recognized after my PC (which runs on Linux Mint) was coming back from suspend mode. Back then I couldn't find a solution and was just hoping that a newer kernel release will fix this problem in the future. Jan 17, 2016 · pulling keyboard's USB connector out and back in doesn't help; when I suspend the laptop again (from console) and resume, the mate's screen locker appears but the keyboard still doesn't work. What I tried: My only solution is to manually kill mate-session, mate-power-manager or mate-screensaver from console and then the keyboard works in X11 again..

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