HAYATE is the hign end pad made of cloth. e-Sports pad from Japan. Diverse functionality to meet the needs of gamers. Gim mouse pad to win at e-Sports. ... HAYATE OTSU; HAYATE KOU; HIEN; ZERO; RAIDEN; SHIDENKAI; RM series. Final development stage; HAYATE KOU; HIEN; ZERO; SHIDENKAI; ACC. SOLE ISSHIKI; SOLE NISHIKI; SOLE SANSHIKI; SOLE YONSHIKI. 98 Posts. #15 · Sep 10, 2016. Quote: Originally Posted by Ashbury. I bought the Hayate Otsu soft and mid, the Hien, the Shiden, the Zero and tons of other pads. My favorite pads are the Hayate Otsu mid and the zero mid. Below is a pic of the Logitech Pro on the Hayate Otsu mid, the one I use most often: Click to expand. Glorious Mouse Pads – Element Series. Glorious came out with the new elements series, the fire, the ice, and the air. However, the only reasonable option out of these three is the fire. It’s a bit smaller than the G640, and it’s more of a.

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