Fibre Channel can actually run on copper cables over short distances, where Fibre Channel can easily go 10KM. A storage area network (SAN) is a specialised high-speed network that connects host servers to high-performance storage subsystems. The SAN components include host bus adapters (HBAs) in the host servers, switches that help route. The current SAN is a Dell MD 3660f fibre channel SAN. There is no fibre switches in place here. (2 ESX hosts) We are looking to make a direct connection between the new backup server located in another area above the SAN and then leverage VEEAM to. FC (Fibre Channel) is a network technology, predominantly used within storage area networks, to. 4.3 Overview of Fibre Channel (FC) SAN Protocol. By. Anil K Y Ommi. -. 10537. Traditionally, compute operating systems have communicated with peripheral devices over channel connections, such as Enterprise Systems Connection (ESCON) and SCSI. Channel technologies provide high levels of performance with low protocol overheads.

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