Fabric & Ribbon. Shredded Purple Foil Strips Decoration Pack Product Code: OS157 ... Thin Ribbon Reel – Black Product Code: OS207. What fabric is ribbon made of? Modern ribbons are manufactured from every kind of fabric, from velvet and satin to synthetics like nylon and rayon. The broad categories of ribbon textures include organdies, satins, grosgrains, metallic, natural fibres and more. Satin ribbon is woven into a soft and lustrous finish. The fabric would shred! The ribbon itself is actually much stronger than your tests show. What was failing (in some cases) was the stitching and the weaving. Bar tacking this sort of tape is NOT a good idea. The weave can't support the concentrated load. The Box with an X in it, as shown in the last photo, is a much stronger way of sewing any.

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