ADDRESSING a large crowd containing many family members of Volunteers from the IRA’s Belfast Brigade ‘D’ Company who died on active service, Sinn Féin MLA Pat Sheehan praised them as “one of the most effective IRA units” to have engaged the might of the British Army during the conflict. Former H-Blocks Hunger Striker Pat Sheehan, the. (L) A hooded paramilitary gunman stands in front of a painted wall that reads, You Are Now In Loyalist Tiger Bay, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 1990 (R) Bar patrons enjoy a drink and a smoke at the Felon's Club, an IRA owned bar for members and ex-prisoners in North Belfast, Northern Ireland. 1988. Soon after its founding the Real IRA began bombings and attacks on British soldiers and Northern Irish police officers. Between autumn 1997 and summer 1998, the Real IRA is believed to have been involved in 10 bombings or attempted bombings. On August 15, 1998, Real IRA members left a 500-pound (227-kg) car bomb in the market square of Omagh, a.

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